Everyday Wisdom for Living With and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain
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A Practical, Gentle, and Empathetic Approach to Pain

Where do you turn when medication and medical treatments do not relieve persistent, debilitating pain? What can you do when pain interferes with work, family, and social life and you no longer feel like the person you used to be? Relying on firsthand experience with severe nerve pain, author Sarah Anne Shockley accompanies you on your journey through pain and offers compassionate, practical advice to ease difficult emotions and address lifestyle challenges. Her approach helps reduce the toll that living in pain takes on relationships, self-image, and well-being while cultivating greater ease and resilience on a daily basis. Dozens of accessible, uplifting practices guide you every step of the way from a life overcome by pain to a life of greater comfort and peace. The Pain Companion also offers profound insights for medical practitioners and invaluable guidance for anyone who loves or cares for others in pain.


“Shockley writes the companion text she wishes she had after being diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. By focusing on emotional, as opposed to physical, states of pain — loss, grief, shame, terror — she provides an invaluable primer on making lifelong healing choices.”
Library Journal

“Sarah Anne Shockley learned about pain the hard way, by experiencing it and being incapacitated by it. But she met the pain, and she worked with the pain, and she is offering you the benefit of her experience in this helpful, gentle book.”
from the foreword by Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, bestselling author of The Art of Healing

The Pain Companion is a practical, insightful, and compassionate guide for chronic pain sufferers. It is beautifully written and sensitive. For those who have searched to make sense of chronic pain, here is a packet of understanding — a place where hope and possibilities live.”
— Amber Wolf, PhD

“I would call this the go-to book when nothing else works when you have chronic pain. The intuition, wisdom, exercises, and meditations offered by Sarah Anne Shockley are helpful beyond measure and can assist you on your journey to find your true self. This is a must-read book.”
— Michael A. DeFino, DC

The Pain Companion offers important insights into the world of chronic pain. Sarah Anne Shockley gives a comprehensive and profound look at the meaning within the experience of pain. I highly recommend this book for anyone, especially for people living with pain, caregivers, and medical and rehabilitation professionals.”
— Thaïs Mazur, OTR, PhD, coauthor of Do No Harm

The Pain Companion is a must-have for both pain sufferers and therapeutic practitioners practicing pain relief. Taking from her own life experience, Sarah Anne Shockley offers practical, deep, insightful ways of living with constant, twenty-four-hours-a-day pain, allowing readers ways to shift their mental, emotional, and physical approaches to pain management. I recommend The Pain Companion to all my chronic pain clients.”
— Dr. Celestine Star, DD, AH CH, BCI LC

“A wise, thoughtful, heartfelt autobiography and manual. It beautifully lays out the negative emotions and limiting habits that so often accompany pain and offers strategies for coping and healing.”
— Carol Banquer, MD

“It is so valuable to hear directly from someone who has lived through it herself and developed an approach to pain management that addresses all aspects of living in pain. I highly recommend this book for anyone living with pain or working with people in pain.”
— Pam Dent, OTR

The Pain Companion is an excellent resource and companion for those with pain. Learning how to become empowered through one’s pain journey is incredibly important. Sarah Anne Shockley shares valuable insights and approaches to living with and managing chronic pain. This is a fantastic read.”
— Nicole Hemmenway, vice president, U.S. Pain Foundation

“This very important book on making life with pain easier offers valuable advice and ideas that could only come from someone who has lived through it. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone experiencing chronic pain and suggest that practitioners read it to gain a greater understanding of the challenges their patients in pain live with.”
— Tracy A. Newkirk, MD