Prompts, Quotes, and Exercises to Jumpstart Your Creativity
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Even dedicated and experienced writers need what author and writing coach Hal Zina Bennett provides: a fresh, fun, surefire place to start. In this handy resource, practiced and aspiring writers alike will find inspiration and initiative in the form of prompts for brief writing exercises, story prompts that set forth dramatic arcs for more lengthy works, readings with exercises that reflect on the art and craft of writing, and quotes from famous authors on the inner processes of successful work. Write Starts facilitates creativity like the perfect seat at a favorite café or a peaceful room of one’s own. What’s more, it puts you in the congenial company of a wise and expert coach.


“Here, Hal Zina Bennett gives us a fabulous, simple, engrossing, entertaining, and above all, useful way of finding and freeing our inner rhythms and spirit. Use it to become a better writer — or a more alert and vital human being.”
Penney Peirce, intuition expert and author of Frequency and The Intuitive Way

“Be careful reading this book! I started a novel and two short stories in response to the first fifty pages. And when I get stuck, I’ll return to Write Starts for its bits of wisdom and encouragement in the long and messy process of the writing craft.”
Christina Baldwin, author of The Seven Whispers and Storycatcher

Write Starts is a deep, exuberant, and profound book that actually does what the title says. And it will work even when you don’t feel like it!”
SARK, author and artist of Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper

“Hal has poured a lifetime of learning and experience into a must-have book for many current and future writers. Ideas, tricks, humor, and hard-won wisdom from an old pro.”
Dave Smith, author of To Be of Use: The Seven Seeds of Meaningful Work and cofounder of Smith & Hawken

Write Starts is a gold mine of writing prompts and inspiration. If you’re yearning to write and looking for a way to begin, Hal Zina Bennett is a wise, passionate, and confident guide. And if you’re a seasoned writer feeling stuck, this is a book to jumpstart you back into action. My copy is underlined and bristles with Post-its; I’m looking forward to sharing Bennett’s insights and exercises with my students.”
Barbara Abercrombie, author of Courage & Craft: Writing Your Life Into Story

“From art to craft, Hal Zina Bennett’s inspiring and practical book is a lively companion for any writer’s workday. And the compelling story starts won’t leave you alone until you give them some time with your own pen and page.”
Judy Reeves, author of A Writer’s Book of Days

“If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘What’s a brilliant way to catapult my writing to the next level?’ this book is it!”
Marilee Adams, PhD, author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life