Unleashing the Power of Your Creativity, Revised Edition
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  • ISBN: 978-1-57731-177-5
  • Pages: 272
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In his first edition of Write from the Heart, Hal Zina Bennett presented a spiritual approach to writing that showed both beginners and seasoned authors how to overcome blocks, unleash their creative voice, and see their books in print. In this edition, he gives readers an even more interactive experience by incorporating exercises he's developed during his many years conducting workshops. An all-new chapter on supportive critiquing shows readers how to make contacts in the all-important community of writers and how to get help with the process of writing and refining. This revised edition also includes an updated section on getting published that addresses print-on-demand, electronic books, and the Internet.

A Writer's Digest Book Club selection


"Hal Zina Bennett practices writing as a spiritual path. He teaches with compassion and wisdom born of experience and humility."
— Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way and The Right to Write<

"Offers writers an informative, personal conversation on the intricacies of getting the heart down on the page. His chapter on the 'essential wound' is an especially good guide for those wondering where their stories really begin."
— Christina Baldwin, author of Life's Companion: Journal Writing As a Spiritual Quest.