Writing from Your Authentic Wildness
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  • Author: Judy Reeves
  • Product Code: 82959
  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-295-9
  • Pages: 264
  • 1 Paperback
  • Size: 5.50 x 8.50


In her years as a writing coach, Judy Reeves has found twin urges in women: they yearn to reclaim a true nature that resides below the surface of daily life and to give it voice. The longing to express this wild, authentic nature is what informs Reeves’s most popular workshop and now this workshop in a book. Here, you will explore the stages that make up your life, from wild child, daughter/sister/mother, and loves and lovers, to creative work, friendships, and how the wise woman encounters death. Both intuitive and practical, Wild Women, Wild Voices responds to women’s deep need for expression with specific and inspiring activities, exercises, and writing prompts. With true empathy, Reeves invites, instructs, and celebrates the authentic expression — even the howl — of the wild in every woman.


“Master teacher Judy Reeves’s fortifying, fascinating, liberating exercises reach down to the place where the deep howl resides.”
— Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander

“Judy Reeves unites the discipline of writing with the unruly and uncontainable impulses that make us want to write in the first place.”
— Laurel Corona, author of The Four Seasons and The Mapmaker’s Daughter

“Wild women, we’ve been waiting for this....It is a book to buy, tuck under your arm, and head out toward life with, expressing your true self along the way.”
— Tina Welling, author of Writing Wild

“Judy Reeves has become a virtual guru for writers everywhere. In Wild Women, Wild Voices, she offers her patented inspiration, exploration, and encouragement. Her passion for writing is evident on every page. We are so lucky to have such an enthusiastic and assured guide on the journey that is the writing life.”
— T. Greenwood, author of Bodies of Water, Grace, and Two Rivers

“A thoughtful and inspiring read full of tools to help women celebrate, heal, and free the wild woman within....This is a book, not about editing and grammar or placing any restrictions on word-flow, but instead inviting women writers to tell their stories and their truths from a place that is deep and true. It’s not about making nice....Highly recommended, especially for women who want to express themselves through writing but don’t know how to begin.”
Sage Woman