Finding the Page Inside You
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The ancient oracle system of the I Ching has guided wisdom seekers for over 5,000 years. Now those seeking insights and motivation can take advantage of these ancient predictions, recast by writing professor Sarah Jane Sloane into suggestions for contemporary writers. Each of the I Ching’s sixty-four hexagrams, interpreted by Sloane from years of study and comparisons of over fifty translations, offers directions and comments about what the future will hold for the writer. In addition to this oracular system of advice, the book includes inspirational quotations, writing prompts, solutions to common writing problems, and a wonderful exploration of the creative process.


“A sure cure for writer’s block, this book is great for creative brainstorming....a good addition to any writer’s reference shelf.”
Hal Zina Bennett, author of Write from the Heart

“Those who struggle with writing — and they are legion — know in their bones what it feels like to be wordless and silent. Into this uneasy space steps Sarah Jane Sloane, with a dazzling display of imaginative advice for writers in The I Ching for Writers. Take this journey with Sloane as she works through what the I Ching’s sixty-four hexagrams can tell you about your writing self; then see how your imagination takes up the writerly challenges offered here.”
— Andrea A. Lunsford, professor of English and feminist studies at Stanford University

“Sarah Jane Sloane’s The I Ching for Writers is a rare find: a writing guide that is itself delightful to read....I look forward to using it with my students in my courses on creative nonfiction!”
— Cynthia Cox, director of writing programs and associate professor of English at Belmont University