Writing Exercises to Reframe and Transform Your Life
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Every day we relate stories about our highs and lows, relationships and jobs, heartaches and joys. But do we ever consider the choices we make about how to tell our story? In this groundbreaking book, Kim Schneiderman shows us that by choosing a version that values life lessons and meaningful personal victories we can redirect our energy and narrative toward our desires and goals. It presents character development workouts and life-affirming, liberating exercises for retelling our stories to find redemptive silver linings and reshape our lives.

As both a therapist and a writer, Schneiderman knows the power of story. By employing the storytelling techniques she offers, you’ll learn to view your life as a work in progress and understand big-picture story lines in ways that allow you to easily steer your actions and relationships toward redefined — and realistic — “happy endings.”


“Kim Schneiderman excels at helping people reframe their old, self-limiting stories. The exercises in this insightful, practical book will free you to discover your best self — and to live a more courageous, compassionate life.”
— Lee Kravitz, author of Unfinished Business and former editor-in-chief of Parade magazine

“An innovative way to channel our natural storytelling abilities into a powerful ally for a richer, more satisfying life.”
— Judy Reeves, author of Wild Women, Wild Voices

“We are all constantly telling ourselves stories about our lives. Often we do this without being aware that we are not merely characters to whom things just happen, but the creators of our story as well. Through an ingenious series of exercises, Kim Schneiderman shows us how to make this unconscious storytelling process conscious and to use this newfound awareness to take control of our lives. Read this book, do the exercises. You will discover that you can step out of your story and create it as you live.”
— Albert J. Bernstein, PhD, author of Dinosaur Brains and Emotional Vampires

“Both entertaining and evocative, this book’s approach to self-awareness promises to reveal a fascinating story you may not have realized was inside you.”
— Marney K. Makridakis, author of Creating Time and Hop, Skip, Jump