Practical Advice for Your Creative Journey from America's Foremost Creativity Coach
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No one has provided more help for creative and performing artists than bestselling author, psychotherapist, and creativity coach Eric Maisel. He has worked with thousands of individuals as a creativity coach, teacher, and workshop leader. He understands the practical and psychological challenges that artists face, explains them clearly and convincingly, and provides a complete menu of strategies for meeting those challenges.

This four-volume collection includes:

Making Your Creative Mark, Dr. Maisel's latest, provides creative and performing artists with all the information they need to lead a satisfying and effective creative life.

Coaching the Artist Within, one of Dr. Maisel's bestselling and most beloved books, is filled with clear ideas, sensible advice, and eye-opening vignettes from his creativity coaching practice.

Mastering Creative Anxiety is a complete examination of the anxieties that confront creative and performing artists — from the anxiety of dealing with a blank canvas or computer screen to performance anxiety to the anxiety of showing and selling one's work. Equally importantly, it presents a complete menu of anxiety management strategies designed for artists in every discipline.

Creativity for Life has become the bible for many artists because of its wide-ranging investigation of the artist's personality, work, and world.

Together, these four books amount to the perfect resource and reference library for every creative person. Available at one low price, this invaluable collection is the survival kit every artist has been looking for!


Praise for Eric Maisel:

“Eric Maisel's books should be required reading for anyone involved in the arts, especially students and their teachers. Maisel demystifies the process of creating art.”
Theatre Design and Technology

“Eric Maisel has made a career out of helping artists, musicians, dancers, and writers cope with the traumas and troubles that are the price of admission to a creative life.”
Intuition magazine

“Eric Maisel has fused his empirical knowledge of the artistic life with true empathy and support for artists in each of the disciplines.”
New Age Journal

“Eric Maisel speaks as the artist's friend and ally. He offers powerful encouragement for people who undertake the courageous and often lonely adventure of finding, protecting, and nourishing their creative voice.”
Stephen Nachmanovitch, author of Free Play

“[Brainstorm] is a book that should be read by all who want to live their life in a way that is vital and leaves some kind of legacy. It's not about fame and fortune, but rather, about ensuring that this brief span that we have on Earth is one that has value — where we leave some kind of impression. There's nothing that matters more.”
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Praise for Eric Maisel's Creativity Coaching:

“Without Eric Maisel's guidance I would never have successfully negotiated the publishing process. With his help, I completed a substantial proposal, landed a good agent, and just saw my first book published!”
Nancy Pine, author of Educating Young Giants

“It's been an unexpected joy to find someone as creatively supportive and encouraging as Eric Maisel. I didn't know what to expect out of our sessions, and each one is fresh and interesting. Eric is inspirational!”
Christine Collister, international recording artist

“Eric Maisel's insights have helped me with every aspect of my painting career, from the evolution of my market vision to strategies for self-promotion. I also found his help invaluable in feeding my creator's soul!”
Jonathan Herbert, painter and photographer

“I began my novel in one of Eric Maisel's Deep Writing workshops, finished it in another, and quickly sold it for a lovely advance. Eric, his individual coaching, and his writing workshops have made all the difference in my writing life.”
Eva Weaver, author of The Puppet Boy of Warsaw

“I'm an executive coach and the author of two books, and Eric Maisel is my coach. No one is better qualified to lead a creative person on his or her creative journey.”
Jackee Holder, author of Be Your Own Best Coach