Practical Advice on the Artist's Personality and Career from America's Foremost Creativity Coach
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  • ISBN: 978-1-57731-558-2
  • Pages: 368
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As a therapist and creativity coach, Eric Maisel has worked with thousands of creative people. He knows firsthand the struggles that writers, musicians, artists, dancers, and actors face and has helped them find balance in their lives while pursuing their artistic endeavors. His new book presents a comprehensive approach to the much-misunderstood life of the artist. Creativity for Life offers practical ideas as well as exercises and inspiration to nurture growth as an artist and as a person, exploring such subjects as:
  • Establishing your creativity practice
  • Obscurity and stardom
  • Blocks
  • The artist’s personality
  • Moods and madness
  • Artists in love
  • Craft
  • The rewards and perils of isolation
  • Social interactions and community


“This book will save new artists and working artists years of wasted effort and thousands of dollars in therapy. This is a brilliant, wonderful book — a bible. Maisel is a sage.”
— Heather Sellers, PhD, author of Georgia Under Water and Page After Page

“In Creativity for Life, America’s premier creativity coach delves deeply into the issues that challenge writers, artists, musicians, and performers and provides them with unique strategies and stimulating insights to achieve their creative destinies.”
— Nita Leland, artist and author of The New Creative Artist

“Eric Maisel is the therapist, counselor, coach, and friend we all want and need. He provides the psychological tools to help artists lead a mature, functioning, productive, and enriching personal and creative life.”
— Bobette Buster, adjunct professor, USC School of Cinematic Arts and La Fémis, Paris