Exploring the Wisdom and Power of the Divine Feminine around the World
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  • Author: Julie Loar
  • Product Code: 19504
  • ISBN: 978-1-57731-950-4
  • Pages: 440
  • 1 Paperback
  • Size: 5.00 x 8.00


Throughout time, people have turned to goddesses as symbols of what they seek — from abundance to healing, from protection to passion. Building on the resurgence of interest in the Divine Feminine, Julie Loar presents the qualities and origins of an international array of these deities, along with powerful suggestions for putting their attributes to practical use. In a daily-reflection format, she gracefully aligns the goddesses with the cycles of nature and the signs of the zodiac.

If you are struggling to attain a goal, call on the Nepalese goddess Chomolungma, as the sherpas climbing Mount Everest have done for generations. Or, for good luck, invoke the Roman goddess Fortuna, the inspiration behind gambling’s wheel of fortune. With 366 goddesses to choose from, you will find a deity to call upon for every aspiration and need.


“Rich in symbology and wisdom, this book will empower women through inspiration and awareness of the Sacred Feminine. It offers lots to learn and think about!”
Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, author of Goddesses in Everywoman

“The goddesses throughout this book are complex and contradictory: they are gentle but fierce, creative but destructive. They are strong, wise, brave and loving. . . .No other book has aligned the goddesses with the cycles and the seasons, with the zodiac and its symbolism. [This] book is a tool to create empowered women one day at a time.”
Durango Herald

“Drawing together astrology and goddess mythology, Julie Loar offers a treasury of images, stories, and prayers. From the familiar to the obscure, each of these goddesses inspires and illuminates.”
Patricia Monaghan, author of The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog and The Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines

“Imagine if every woman and girl had a chance to get to know a new and different face of the Sacred Feminine day after day for a whole year! Julie Loar gives each of us a bountiful opportunity to do just that, offering a compendium of goddesses from throughout history and all around the world. Come and feast!”
Judith Duerk, author of Circle of Stones

“In her wonderful book, Goddesses for Every Day, Julie [Loar] sheds light on the legendary gifts of 366 goddesses…The descriptions in her book bring these legends to life, and more pointedly, remind us of the abilities in ourselves, and the power of the feminine throughout history and across cultures.” — Gillian Holloway, PhD, author of The Complete Dream Book and Dreaming Insights