Mastering Fear, Healing Illness, and Experiencing the Divine
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"Take a Deep Breath." "Just breathe." These are common calming mantras, but what do they really mean? Though every second of life is governed by breath, few people pay heed to this important facet of good health. The Miracle of the Breath explores the importance of breath not only to physical well-being but also as a powerful conduit of divine energy. Replete with stories and case studies of people healed from asthma, arthritis, anxiety attacks, and other physical and mental traumas through proper breath work, the book also examines the concept of breath as a spiritual life force. Drawing on methods of observing and controlling the breath developed by ancient masters in India, China, and Tibet, it includes meditations and practice techniques to help readers improve their emotional and spiritual health.


“It is no accident that the world’s great wisdom traditions focus on the breath and that our word spirit is related to breathing. Attending to the breath is a gateway to not only greater wisdom but also better health. The Miracle of the Breath is an admirable guide that will aid anyone wishing to explore the intersection of consciousness, spirituality, health, and breath work.”
— Larry Dossey, MD, author of Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words

“Andy Caponigro is a grand master of breath. He has a genius for teaching us that healing is something we already have inside.”
— Bija Bennett, MA, yoga therapist and author of Breathing into Life

“In yoga it is said, ‘Master of breath is master of life.’Andy Caponigro is truly a master of breath. I would highly recommend that other health care professionals learn this work and teach their own clients.”
— Abbas Qutab, MD, founder, Elan Vital Medical Center

“After several years of studying and coteaching with Andy Caponigro, I recommend his breathing techniques above all others for connecting with the primal source of healing and experiencing the Divine. His techniques are used as a foundation for all methods of healing taught at the Windemere Institute.”
— Barbara Neebel Meier, director, Windemere Institute of Healing Arts