Clearing Physical and Emotional Clutter to Reconnect with Yourself and Others
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  • Author: Brooks Palmer
  • Product Code: 80795
  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-079-5
  • Pages: 208
  • 1 Paperback
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Cut the Crap — and Discover What Really Matters

Over the course of his career helping people let go of things they no longer need, Brooks Palmer has been struck by the many ways that clutter affects relationships. In these pages, he shows how we use clutter to protect ourselves, control others, and cling to the past, and how it keeps us from experiencing the joy of connection. With insight-prompting questions, exercises, client examples, and even whimsical line drawings, Palmer will take you from overwhelmed to empowered. His gentle guidance will help you to not only clear clutter from your home but also enjoy deeper, more authentic, and clutter-free relationships of all kinds.


“Brooks Palmer is an expert at helping people discover the freedom that comes from de-cluttering their lives. In the process, he helps them discover who they are and the life they should really be living. Read this may just change your life!”
Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of Off Balance and The Rhythm of Life

“Brooks Palmer wisely reveals that clutter is a state of consciousness, one that we can transform into a profound awareness of what lies beneath the fortress built of stuff, be it physical, psychological, or even spiritual. Fortunate are those who apply his compassionate methods for growing in self-love, self-respect, and self-trust.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation

“Filled with interesting stories and useful guidance about replacing physical and emotional baggage with freedom and joyful relationships.”
Harville Hendrix, PhD, author of Getting the Love You Want

“Brooks Palmer provides inspiring examples, humor, and encouragement to help readers let go of clutter, along with small steps that can help people create a new and joyful life. If you’re looking for ways to let go of clutter, then this book is for you.”
Tammy Strobel, author of You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap) and

“Clutter is so much more than the physical objects we cling to. Fortunately, Brooks Palmer is so much more than a clutter buster. The defenses, anger, and general dopiness we use to protect our tender selves are no match for his gentleness, humor, and insight....I’m beginning to think that Brooks might be able to clutter bust us all the way to world peace.”
Colleen Wainwright, writer, speaker, and creator of