The 12 Personality Traits That Can Lead You to Your Soulmate
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Drawing on the latest research on human personality and the seminal work of Abraham Maslow, Hoffman and Weiner highlight twelve key traits that underlie romantic compatibility. These traits acknowledge the unique blends of attitudes, needs, motivations, and physical and emotional attributes that make up an individual. The closer the match between partners on the twelve traits, the more joyful the bond. Entertaining stories illustrate the various combinations, and simple, easy-to-score self-tests help readers gain crucial knowledge about themselves to aid in the quest for the perfect partner.

  • Based on the work of Abraham Maslow, The Love Compatibility Book offers a new perspective and method for finding one's true love.

  • Psychologists and authors of numerous books, Edward Hoffman and Marcella Bakur Weiner live in the New York metropolitan area.
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    "Our goal is to provide an understanding of the 'Big 12' core personality traits . . . and a newfound clarity regarding what's relevant — and what's not — when it comes to sustaining lasting intimacy."
    — from the book