A Gentle, Guided Path to Healing for Adoptees
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Michelle Madrid introduces LET US BE GREATER.



Adoption is a lifeline of support and opportunity for countless people, but it can bring challenges and emotional conditions that are often silenced or left unaddressed, including PTSD, risk of suicide, and fear of abandonment. Author Michelle Madrid has experienced these challenges as a foster child and international adoptee and now as an adoptive parent and adoptee-empowerment coach. Michelle has learned that the complex emotions and psychological turmoil of adoption — including feelings of involuntary exile, anger, distrust, confusion, and unworthiness — are best healed through identification, exploration, and understanding. Written with compassion and authenticity, Let Us Be Greater will help adoptees and their families feel heard, seen, and understood as they work to build open, fulfilling, and healthy relationships.


“I wish my character, an adoptive mom in the film Go Ah (Orphan), had been able to read this book! Let Us Be Greater is eye-opening, warmly written with grace and keen knowledge of all sides of the subject. From Michelle Madrid’s heart and her deeply personal origin story, the book also is, importantly, filled with tangible exercises to work through the darkness and uncover one’s authentic self.”
— Diane Kelber, actor

Let Us Be Greater is more than a book that takes adoptees on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery. Let Us Be Greater is a personal/spiritual manifesto and an invitation to thrive in the face of dual identities, encouraging adoptees to grant themselves permission to step into their power and claim every ounce of their humanity.”
— Regina Louise, author of Permission Granted and Somebody’s Someone

“A beautifully written, comforting, and validating book that will meet you right where you are on the adoptee healing path. It will take your hand and compassionately support your efforts to heal and make sense of your lived experience. This is a very special book, brimming with useful exercises and practices, saturated in acceptance and wisdom. Highly recommended!”
— Jeff Brown, author of Soulshaping and Hearticulations

“Weaving together deeply personal stories and exercises designed for growth and reflection, Michelle Madrid expertly and lovingly guides you to start the work of mending your disconnected inner child. Whether you are an adoptee or a youth with a lived foster care experience, Madrid is your wing(wo)man, gently lifting you out of the fog and into the light. Let us be greater, indeed.”
— Mira Zimet, documentary filmmaker

“What’s striking in Michelle Madrid when you first meet her is her exceptional level of warmth, compassion, gratitude, and appreciation. And now that I’ve read Let Us Be Greater, I can understand why. Her story is one of sadness and happiness, of confusion and comprehension, of fear yet ultimately of triumph. She skillfully weaves powerful life lessons and exercises throughout that can help every adoptee achieve a smoother path. Indeed, this story is one we can all relate to whether adoptee or not, and I believe it will rightly find its way onto the list of must-reads for anyone seeking to mend the wounds of their childhood and become whole again. An uplifting and wonderful book.”
— Angela Middleton, MBE, social entrepreneur, mind/body/business coach, author, and podcaster

Let Us Be Greater is a compelling read — personal, compassionate, rich in healing insights. Michelle Madrid’s self-healing how-tos are magical. She’s a Martha Beck for the adoptees.”
MiYu, actor/writer, Go Ah (Orphan)