Creating the Love You Want
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  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-489-2
  • Pages: 216
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Turn Your Pain from Breakup into an Opportunity to Grow toward True Love

After her devastating breakup, counselor Rebekah Freedom McClaskey became inspired by her work in the field of addiction recovery to craft a safe, step-by-step path to forging healthy relationships based on honesty, love, integrity, and trust. Breakup Rehab addresses post-breakup chaos, providing clarity and direction so that your next relationship will be your best relationship.

This wise, real-world, and often humorous guide acknowledges the state of grief or resignation that comes with a breakup and then walks you through the stages of forgiveness and letting go. Along the way, you’ll experience a more compassionate self-awareness as you rebuild self-confidence and learn how to be loved for who you truly are. These steps will propel you forward on your unique path, as you recognize your life’s purpose and then travel toward well-being and a love that will set you free.


“Rebekah Freedom McClaskey’s book will open your eyes to how fabulous you’ve always been. Breakup Rehab made me run faster and jump higher, and it made me incapable of dating losers.”
— Meaghan Hammarsten, owner of Morning Dove: Self-Discovery and Projection

“A reassuring guide through the steps of putting yourself back together after a breakup. If your heart is broken, this will help you heal.”
— Tina B. Tessina, PhD, psychotherapist and author of How to Be Happy Partners