Simple Lessons to Make Love Last
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  • ISBN: 978-1-57731-424-0
  • Pages: 288
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With the divorce rate soaring at a dizzying 60 percent, young couples and experienced partners may lack the skills and understanding to sustain a committed relationship. Linda and Charlie Bloom present 101 nuggets of wisdom that deliver practical guidance and make it clear that regardless of past experience anyone can develop the basic strengths, skills, and capacities needed for a great relationship. Each lesson is presented as a simple, one-sentence thought followed by an explanation using real-life examples. This book demonstrates how couples can enrich their own relationships by working through love's challenges.


“This is an exceptional and outstanding book for strengthening, softening, and opening to the deeper intimacy, honesty, and mature love found in the sacred covenant of marriage and committed relationships. It is a practical, realistic, and inspirational resource for exploring, cultivating, and learning from and about the mystery of love.”
— Angeles Arrien, PhD, author of The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life

“Excellent advice for all those considering marriage or those wanting to improve their relationship. Treasure this book and the great hearts of Linda and Charlie Bloom.”
— Stephen and Ondrea Levine, authors of Embracing the Beloved

“This terrific book lets us in on what marriage is really about. If you want to strengthen your marriage or are getting discouraged by how hard it is, read this book!”
— Margaret Paul, PhD, author of Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You? and coauthor of Healing Your Aloneness