Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions
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It’s true: a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Yet that’s what we do when we spend our weekend — and neurons — reliving a workplace squabble, spend a family visit chewing over childhood issues, or spend hours beating ourselves up when someone brings one of our own long-held (but never worked on) ideas to fruition. This kind of obsessing gets us, like a hamster on a wheel, nowhere. But as noted creativity expert Eric Maisel asserts, obsessing productively leads to fulfillment rather than frustration. A productive obsession, whether an idea for a novel, a business, or a vaccine, is chosen deliberately and pursued with determination. In this provocative, practical guide, Maisel coaches you to use the tendency to obsess to your creative advantage, fulfilling both your promise and your promises to yourself.


“Turn brain potential into passion, energy, and genuine accomplishments.”
Camille Minichino, physicist and author of the Periodic Table Mysteries

“What a pivotal way to experience your brain and all that it can create! I love that this book celebrates and teaches the concept of productive obsession and the multitudinous gifts of brainstorming.”
SARK, author, artist, and creative fountain

“A great tool for anyone who might be feeling stuck with a creative urge or idea but hasn’t brought it to fruition. You’ll discover how to use your brain as your ally and go beyond what you thought possible.”
Phyllis Lane, documentary filmmaker

“Elegantly combines the most inspiring elements of mindfulness, engagement, focus, and flow. Eric Maisel shows how we can be more productive by turning obsessions into positive passions.”
Susan K. Perry, PhD, social psychologist, author of Writing in Flow, and creativity blogger for Psychology Today

“A genuine breakthrough in accessing your brain’s immense potential.”
Dr. Susan Raeburn, coauthor of Creative Recovery

“I sing, I write, I teach, I coach. In everything I do I need to go deeply into the work and also sustain it over time. Brainstorm is the first book to spell out how a person with multiple paths can pay real attention to everything! The information is invaluable.”
Darby Dizard, award-winning jazz singer and creator of the CD Down for You

“What’s the process like for an actor who wants to keep a role fresh for the duration of a long-running play? It is exactly what Eric Maisel describes in these pages: the harnessing of a productive obsession! Maisel has articulated something that actors know but haven’t had words for before.”
Ed Hooks, author of The Actor’s Field Guide