A Fourteen-Week Course to Learn Meditation and Transform Your Life
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  • Author: Richard Dixey
  • Product Code: 88838
  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-883-8
  • Pages: 200
  • 1 Paperback / softback
  • Size: 5.25 x 8.00


Three Minutes a Day makes a bold claim: in just three minutes a day, for fourteen weeks — less than five hours total — you can generate real insight into personal experience that no amount of reading or learning can replicate.

While meditation is known for promoting balance and well-being in our busy lives, it’s typically associated with long periods of sitting. Dr. Richard Dixey presents a different approach, one that uses short exercises to stabilize mental experience. He lays out a direct path to clarity of mind, stress relief, sharper thinking, improved concentration, and enhanced creativity that can be followed from anywhere, no matter how busy your schedule. If you’re one of the millions of people interested in meditation but short on time, Three Minutes a Day is the perfect way to learn this valuable practice and incorporate it into your everyday life.


“For anyone who has struggled to establish a meditation practice — or, alternatively, isn’t yet convinced they ought to try — this book offers an unusually simple and elegant way forward. Three minutes a day is much too short a period to trigger the usual resistance, yet it’s easily enough to begin to experience the profound benefits of cultivating the mind.”
— Oliver Burkeman, bestselling author of Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals

“Richard Dixey effectively punctures the myth that meditation has to be a long, tedious slog. Instead, he offers a savory tasting menu of approaches and experiences. The changing flavors keep us interested, and the bite-size portions keep us encouraged that we really can do it.”
— Dean Sluyter, author of Natural Meditation and The Dharma Bum’s Guide to Western Literature

“Finally, a user-friendly owner’s manual for the mind! This book takes you on a journey with engaging exercises that are perfectly paced, covers all the dos and don’ts of developing a meaningful meditation practice, and provides profound insights into the nature of mind. Written in such a clear and concise way, it will enrich beginning and experienced meditators alike.”
— Khandro Kunzang Dechen Chodron, director of P’hurba Thinley Ling and Saraswati Publications

“Brilliant. With his years of experience, depth of understanding, and innate wisdom, Richard Dixey is able to take the reader on a meditation journey that is clear, strong, and transformative. This book is not to be gobbled but lived, with the author by your side as a friend and fine teacher. I loved it.”
— Victoria Riskin, president and publisher of Bluedot Living

“Research scientist and longtime Buddhist practitioner Richard Dixey offers readers some ‘meditation experiments’ to help us to cultivate deepening practice and insights. The book is designed for the true beginner who wonders, ‘Why meditate at all?’ and for whom a regular daily practice comes most smoothly in secular, bite-sized pieces. . . . This is a satisfying and thorough read grounded in practical exercises and explanations for why they work, offering solid, simple tools centered on the body and awareness.”
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