A Native Way of Honoring and Living the Sacred
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  • Author: Gabriel Horn
    Illustrator: Carises Horn
  • Product Code: 15049
  • ISBN: 978-1-57731-504-9
  • Pages: 256
  • 1 Paperback
  • Size: 6.50 x 7.00


Within these pages, celebrated Native American writer Gabriel Horn weaves a hauntingly beautiful tapestry of traditional stories, songs, and prayers that highlight the sacred Native way of life. Interwoven throughout this visionary work are detailed ceremonies and rituals for:
Marriage, Pregnancy, Birth, Greeting the Day, Death
Divorce, Presenting an Infant to the Sun, Dreams and Visions
Solstice and Equinox, Healing, and more...
The Book of Ceremonies is filled with the heartfelt words of a powerful writer and the original illustrations of Carises Horn, a talented young artist. All of us who live on this sacred land will enjoy and treasure this beautiful book.

Celebrated Native American writer Gabriel Horn weaves a beautiful tapestry of stories and short pieces that show us the sacred Native way of life. The writing is beautiful and emotional throughout. It is the work of a talented writer who has walked the native path for years, and is able to show us the native way in all aspects of life. The Book of Ceremonies offers clear explanations of a wide variety of ceremonies.


“The primal wisdom that emanates from these ancient teachings lifts up the spiritual practice of reverence — one that is often lacking in modern times.”
Spirituality & Health

“The essays and poems...are meaningful. The tone is meditative and enriching.”
St. Petersburg Times