Discovering the Myth & Meaning of Mantra & Kirtan
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In yoga practice, mantra and kirtan (call-and-response devotional chanting) get short shrift in the West because they aren’t well understood, though they are an integral part of almost every Eastern spiritual practice. They are designed to provide access into the psyche while their underlying mythology helps us understand how our psychology affects daily life. Sacred Sound shares the myths behind the mantras and kirtans, illuminating their meaning and putting their power and practicality within reach of every reader.

Each of the twenty-one mantras and kirtans presented includes the Sanskrit version, the transliteration, the translation, suggestions for chanting, the underlying myth, and its modern-day implications. Based on Alanna Kaivalya’s years of teaching and studying the myths and sacred texts, this book offers a way into one of the most life-changing aspects of yoga practice.


“Alanna Kaivalya is a storyteller, bard, and great teacher, using mythology and mantra to reintroduce us to deep basic truths.”
Ana T. Forrest, creator of Forrest Yoga

“An inspirational book, both for those who are new to chanting and mantra and those whose path is already blessed by the power of the sacred sounds.”
Deva Premal and Miten, chant masters and devotional musicians

“Alanna Kaivalya’s approach to mantra, mythology, and philosophy artfully balances magic, logic, mystery, humor, and practicality....In this accessible guide, Alanna shows some of the ways that myths and mantras can enrich our inner lives, and gives us an informed approach to meaningful living.”
— from the foreword by Dave Stringer, kirtan singer and performing artist

“Alanna Kaivalya seems both exuberant and wise. Her classes blend rigorous poses and soothing adjustments with bursts of yoga philosophy. And the effect is a contemporary understanding of ancient knowledge that can inspire.”
Yoga Journal