A Psychic's Exploration of Death, Heaven, and the Soul's Journey After Death
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  • Author: Echo Bodine
  • Product Code: 80351
  • ISBN: 978-1-60868-035-1
  • Pages: 160
  • 1 Paperback
  • Size: 5.50 x 8.50


With her signature wit and fearlessness, beloved psychic and healer Echo Bodine offers answers to life’s biggest questions: Is there a heaven? Are there people who have been there and come back? Do we have souls? Can we communicate with deceased loved ones?

Based on Echo’s personal experience of observing the souls of people nearing death and communicating with souls who have died, this comforting book shines light on the dying process and the afterlife. Her clear and fascinating stories demystify this universal experience and demonstrate that death is nothing to fear. You’ll learn about:

• the stages the body goes through preceding death
• the white light and the tunnel that lead to the other side
• how to make sense of the death of children
• what happens to those who commit suicide
• the nature of heaven

Echo offers practical tools for being with dying loved ones (including what not to do), for grieving (through the poignant experience of her mother’s passing as Echo was writing this book), and for cultivating clear communication with the deceased. Learning what happens when we die can be inspiring, reassuring, and profoundly life changing.


“This book is a well-written guide for your soul. Reassuring and wise, it provides the most insightful awareness of the journey through both worlds. Everyone should read it!”
James Van Praagh, spiritual medium and author of Talking to Heaven

“In What Happens When We Die, Echo Bodine does a masterful job of demystifying the inevitable — death — but conveys the message that in death you only shed your body like a suit of clothes; love does not die, because it knows no boundaries, even death.”
Elisa Medhus, MD, author of My Son and the Afterlife