10 Powerful Techniques to Awaken Divine Guidance for Yourself and Others
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Techniques to Awaken Divine Guidance and Transform Your Life

Written by an experienced psychic medium and teacher, Medium Mentor will guide you to connect more deeply to your soul’s innate abilities and employ them to enhance your everyday life and serve others. Through true stories and expert tips, MaryAnn DiMarco reveals the magic, joy, and responsibility of developing psychic gifts and working with souls on the Other Side, as well as how to interpret the powerful energy you experience and establish boundaries. MaryAnn’s deep wisdom comes through as she teaches you to create your own unique approach to intuition and understand and implement universal guidance.


“After reading MaryAnn’s Medium Mentor, I feel an undeniable connection to my lost loved ones.”
— Maria Menounos, host of Better Together with Maria Menounos and New York Times bestselling author of The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life

“This is the book I needed to read at exactly this moment in time, and I had no idea I needed to read it. As my own intuitive abilities are increasing, and I am ready to shed the skin of people-pleaser and step more into my authentic power and truth, MaryAnn DiMarco provides me with the tools and practices I need to do both. Not only for psychics and mediums, this is a powerful self-help book and guide to bring us closer to our true nature — spiritual beings having a human experience.”
— Kelly Noonan Gores, writer/director/producer of the HEAL documentary

“MaryAnn will help you awaken your inner guide and unlock the power and strength of your intuition. Her work is life-changing!”
— Marie Forleo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything Is Figureoutable

“This book is a true gem — and one I wish I’d had when starting out on my spiritual journey! Acting as a mentor and guide, MaryAnn DiMarco unpacks it all in her refreshingly honest, down-to-earth, and conversational style, helping us navigate the path to unlocking our psychic gifts and intuitive guidance.”
— Rebecca Rosen, spiritual medium and author of Spirited

“MaryAnn is the most gifted psychic and intuitive I know, and she has played a huge role in my own psychic awakening journey. She has been a mentor and guide for many of the biggest milestones in my life and always shares the most loving, profound, and accurate guidance. One of the best things about MaryAnn is that she is both down-to-earth and deeply tuned in to realms beyond, so her wisdom and guidance resonate far and wide. There is a reason I call her my spiritual mama! This book is full of powerful techniques that will no doubt change your life and tune you back in to your heart and soul. If you are looking to expand your mind and spirit, and most of all to connect to realms beyond (and ancestors and loved ones! It’s so fun!), this book is for you. I can’t wait for you to learn from MaryAnn as I have been so blessed to!”
— Jordan Younger, author of Breaking Vegan, podcast host, and founder of The Balanced Blonde

“Allow the words on these pages to crack you open to your greatest source of power, inner wisdom, and intuitive guidance. Take a deep breath, and know that you’re no longer alone on this journey. You now have your own Medium Mentor.”
— from the foreword by Gabrielle Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back