Love at First Sight, or How We Acquired The Bugaboo Review by Marc Allen

Published on August 05, 2011

Authors and agents are always asking us what types of books we’re looking for. I’m afraid I can’t give them the kind of specific answer they’re hoping for. It’s not as if we sit around and say we need more books in this or that category. The only thing I can say to them is that we’re looking for projects we fall in love with. Why put any limits on what we publish? We just publish what we love. We’re obviously drawn to books that change our lives and our world, but we’ll consider anything at all. Last year I was invited to speak about writing and publishing at a nearby high school called the Marin School of the Arts. I was met there by Sue Sommer, an English teacher. First she gave me a tour of the whole campus, which was amazing. A large jazz orchestra rehearsed in one building and a small group of chamber musicians played in another. I listened to both, and was blown away by how good they sounded. These were not your average high school bands!