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  • Pages: 288
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Using methods he has taught to thousands of patients and health-care professionals since 1972, Dr. Rossman teaches a step-by-step method of harnessing the power of the mind to further one's own physical healing. Versatile and easy-to-learn, mental imagery as explained by Dr. Rossman, can be used to:
  • Achieve deep physiological relaxation
  • Stimulate healing responses in the body
  • Create an inner dialogue and gain a better understanding of one's health
  • Improve health and general well-being.
The idea of guided imagery as an aid to the healing process is a recognized key component in the health care equation of mind/body healing. Starting with a discussion of the nature of imagery and how it works, Dr. Rossman presents specific scripts that can be used directly. Scripts include: Exploring Your Imagery Abilities, Basic Relaxation Skills, Deepening Techniques, Your Healing Imagery, Meeting Your Inner Advisor, Symptoms are Symbols, Grounding Your Insight, Learning From Your Resistance, and Your Image of Wellness.

A practical and helpful book not only for those facing specific health problems but for all who wish to use the imagination for a wide range of individual purposes unlimited to health situations.

Published in a Joint Venture with H J Kramer