Beat Depression and Improve Your Relationships with Interpersonal Psychotherapy
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Beat Depression and Improve Your Relationships

When it comes to treatment for depression, we have been getting it all wrong. Instead of focusing on just the biochemistry, we need to focus on the importance of relationships. Feeling Better offers a step-by-step guide using a research-proven approach called interpersonal psychotherapy, or IPT, which can help you deal with the issues that may be contributing to your unhappiness. Therapists Cindy Stulberg and Ron Frey have used IPT with clients for more than twenty years and achieved dramatic, lasting results after only eight to twelve weeks. They have now created this accessible, first-of-its kind guide. Feeling Better teaches skills and tools that will allow you to set and achieve goals, articulate feelings, and make constructive decisions. You’ll learn to identify and engage with allies and supporters, deal with difficult people, and, if need be, walk away from harmful relationships.

Cindy and Ron have taught clients — diagnosed with depression or not — to use these skills in virtually every life situation, from preventing divorce to “consciously uncoupling,” raising healthy children, coping with loss, and dealing with addiction. Writing with wisdom, warmth, and humor, they are savvy coaches and inspiring cheerleaders who can offer a lifeline to the depressed and life enrichment to anyone.


“The encouraging, clear voice of the book empowers its readers, and the practical elements make real change seem possible. . . . Feeling Better unlocks the power of community and relationships for health and wholeness.”

“Building on the fundamental truth that our closest relationships are central to our happiness, Feeling Better is an indispensable guide to overcoming depression by changing ineffective patterns of relating. This accessible, evidence-based treatment program, rooted in interpersonal psychotherapy, provides highly effective tools with which to change your relationships, your mood, and your life.”
— Matthew McKay, PhD, coauthor of Thoughts & Feelings and Self-Esteem

“Finally, a book that makes interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) accessible to everyone. The effectiveness of IPT has been rigorously demonstrated by clinical research and should be more widely available to individuals struggling with depression and other mental health issues. It also makes sense that the quality of our relationships is central to our mental health. Feeling Better could be used for self-help or in combination with treatment by a qualified therapist. If you want to feel better, read this book!”
— Dr. Allan B. Steingart, founder and CEO of Psychotherapy Matters and assistant professor of psychiatry, University of Toronto

“The title says it all. I love this proactive approach to mental health. I can see it giving people a sense of empowerment over their depression, which goes a long way, in my experience! I’m a fan of this book because (a) it gives validating encouragement and simple, proactive steps toward positive change; and (b) it’s cheaper than pills.”
— Jessica Holmes, comedian, member of Air Farce, and author of Depression: The Comedy