Real-Life Self-Care for Young Adults (and Everyone Else)
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Along with all the perks of becoming an adult come challenges and the need to learn skills that help you self-regulate as you venture into new experiences. Highlighting five key areas of life — physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial — Be You, Only Better offers science- and experience-backed tools and easy-to-implement techniques for success. Skill-building and self-care practices — such as journaling, getting enough sleep and exercise, embracing nature, managing time and money, and practicing gratitude, mindfulness, and optimism — are presented, and each is illustrated with the story of a real young person. These practices will help you create a resilient foundation for your powerful future. You’ll discover a wonderfully accessible lifeline and a realistically inspiring guide to leading — and loving — your best possible life.


“A readable and practical mental health guide for teens.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Kristi Hugstad offers a balanced yet thorough, whole-person approach to self-care, equipping you with the necessary tools to maintain healthy living. If you are looking for practical steps that are easy to understand yet innovative at the same time, this book is for you. She covers exercise, diet, and healthy relationships, including prompts for self-reflection to check in so that you can experience the abundant life that you deserve. You’ll be empowered with an attitude that says, ‘I can do this,’ so that you can ‘be you, only better.’ The time to thrive is now.”
— Dave Dicken, creator of Make Someone Great Today and crisis counselor at Crisis Text Line

“For the past thirty-five years, I have watched stress levels and resulting mental health issues increase among both the special education students I teach and the high achievers I coach. Though the two groups are different in nature, the levels of depression and anxiety in both have risen, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. I am grateful that authors such as Kristi Hugstad are tackling the issues that impact our youth, and I am especially happy to see gratitude and hope as part of her self-care regimen.”
— Jorjean Fischer, special education teacher and cross-country running and track coach

“As a veteran high school teacher and coach, I have witnessed students dealing with many of the issues that Kristi Hugstad addresses in Be You, Only Better. . . . I applaud her for focusing on areas such as the importance of sleep, how to maintain a healthy diet, and money and time management.”
— Dan Leer, high school English teacher, athletic coach, and yearbook adviser

Be You, Only Better offers informed advice for young adults and parents, using science with a capital S to present her stories of self-help in a trusted voice. Hugstad gives easily understood examples of self-care that will resonate with readers. Chapters tell stories based on actual young adults, anchoring us in their lives and transformative behaviors (diet, managing time and money, and finding happy relationships).”
— Dr. John Maitino, professor at Cal Poly Pomona

Be You, Only Better is an engaging book with real-life stories that quickly teach a lesson. . . . Each chapter is broken up into key sections, making it an easy but meaningful read. As a middle school teacher, I will encourage my students to read this book. I plan to follow these self-care approaches as well!”
— Sara Twiss, middle school leadership teacher