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Shelly Tygielski

Shelly Tygielski, founder of the Pandemic of Love movement, is a self-care activist, community organizer, and mindfulness teacher who spent over two decades in the corporate world in an award-winning career. She left that world behind in 2016 to follow her heart and align her work in the world with her core values. She has been designated as one of the “powerful women in the mindfulness movement.” Shelly spends most of her time working with social justice organizations and first responders by helping them build resilience for their work and with communities affected by gun violence/mass shootings. Her work has been featured on segments for CNN Heroes and the Kelly Clarkson Show and in Forbes and the Washington Post. Shelly has a community of over fifteen thousand meditators in Broward County, Florida. She enjoys playing guitar, engaging in board sports, and drinking craft cocktails. She happily shares her life with her husband, Jason, and her son, Liam.

"Finding Your Self-Care Rhythms": An Excerpt from SIT DOWN TO RISE UP

While self-care is traditionally viewed as an inner journey - a way to achieve our own mind, body and emotional balance, author and meditation teacher Shelly...

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