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Jerry Lynch

Sports psychologist Dr. Jerry Lynch is the author of eleven books and the founder/director of Way of Champions, a consulting group geared toward “mastering the inner game” for peak sports performance. The parent of four athletic kids, he has over thirty-five years of experience as a sports psychologist, coach, athlete, and teacher. Drawing on his experience working with Olympic, NBA, and NCAA champions, Dr. Lynch transforms the lives of parents, coaches, and youth athletes.

LET THEM PLAY: How to Parent Kids for Fun and Success in Sports

Perfectly Imperfect: An excerpt from LET THEM PLAY by Jerry Lynch

"Perfection belongs to the gods; the most we can hope for is excellence." — Carl Jung

In my work, one thing I notice is how many parents want their kids to be perfect, and in turn, their children often strive to fulfill those wishes. When...

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