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Bill Philipps

Bill Philipps is a psychic medium who offers individual, small-group, and large-audience readings throughout the United States and the world. Bill’s fresh, upbeat, and direct approach perfectly reflects his warm and relatable demeanor, captivating audiences in person and as a guest on popular television and radio broadcasts. He lives in Southern California.

Psychic medium and author Bill Philipps talks about his book SIGNS FROM THE OTHER SIDE: Opening to the Spirit World

A Talk with Psychic Medium Bill Philipps, author of SIGNS FROM THE OTHER SIDE

Who hasn’t wished they could ask a departed loved one for advice, heal an unresolved rift, or even just ask where their grandmother’s strand of pearls is hidden? The best psychic mediums know what solace such messages can provide. They also know that...

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Reclaim Your Intuition — by Psychic Medium Bill Philipps

I firmly believe that my ability as a psychic medium is a God-given gift, and that not just anybody can become one simply because he or she wants to. Trust me, I know many people who have tried, and without success. But I do believe all people have some psychic intuition...

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The Truth about Psychic Mediums: An Excerpt from EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED by Bill Philipps

Bill Philipps is one the world’s most renowned psychic mediums. He is also the author of ...

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