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Simone Wright

As a preeminent authority on intuitive intelligence and creativity, Simone Wright is an internationally recognized expert on the power of the human mind and its massive potential for evolutionary intelligence and groundbreaking ingenuity. She is a highly respected intuitive consultant, lifelong entrepreneur, and award-winning artist who has become the bestselling artist of her kind in the world.

Simone’s client list includes the top achievers and emerging talents in a broad field of specialties in private and public enterprises. From law enforcement personnel to elite athletes, from health care providers to Hollywood entertainers, and from corporate CEOs to groundbreaking entrepreneurs, all have benefited from Simone’s precise intuitive vision.

Simone has written articles for several magazines, appeared on radio and television programs across North America, presented keynote speeches at numerous conferences, and been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

When not busy writing or teaching, Simone continues to create award-winning artwork in her studio in Los Angeles. See her artwork at

Details about her workshops and coaching can be found at

Simone Wright, author of FIRST INTELLIGENCE: Using the Science & Spirit of Intuition talks about the four levels of intuition that we all have access to

Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition: A Talk with Simone Wright about First Intelligence

Why is learning how to use our intuition important?

Learning how to use our intuition is more important now than it ever has been before because we are exposed to more information, more opinion and more distraction than ever before. A...

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