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Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox is an internationally acclaimed theologian and spiritual maverick who has spent the past forty years revolutionizing Christian theology, taking on patriarchal religion, and advocating for a creation-centered spirituality of compassion, justice, and resacralizing of the earth. Originally a Catholic priest, Fox was silenced for a year and then expelled from the Dominican Order by Cardinal Ratzinger for teaching liberation theology and Creation Spirituality. Fox currently serves as an Episcopal priest, having received what he calls “religious asylum” from the Episcopal Church. With exciting results, he has worked with young people to create the Cosmic Mass ( to revitalize worship by bringing elements of rave and other postmodern art forms to the Western liturgical tradition. He has written more than thirty books, which have sold over 1.5 million copies in sixty languages. He lives in Oakland, CA.

Matthew Fox on Thomas Merton's Creation Spirituality Journey

Becoming Christian Mystics

Albert Einstein was asked toward the end of his life if he had any regrets. He answered: “I wish I had read more of the mystics earlier in my life.” This is a significant confession, coming as it does from one of the greatest geniuses of the twentieth century, a man...

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Meister Eckhart: A Mystic Warrior for Our Times

Meister Eckhart was a late-thirteenth- and early-fourteenth-century preacher and mystic, yet like Rumi and Hafiz, he remains relevant today. He speaks to so many and touches people’s hearts.


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Thomas Merton on Silence: An excerpt from A Way to God by Matthew Fox

Even though he passed away in 1968 at the young age of 53, the pioneering ideas that Trappist monk and social justice activist Thomas Merton shared throughout his lifetime are still very much alive. So much so that Pope Francis recently declared him one of four exemplary...

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Chrisian Mystics: An Interview with Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox is the author of 28 books including Original Blessing, The Reinvention of Work, The Hidden Spirituality of Men, and most recently Christian Mystics. 

What is mysticism? ...

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The Hidden Spirituality of Men

As a 67 year-old who has been male all my life, there’s something I feel compelled say to my brothers and the young men and boys who will soon be men.
    Our species is in trouble.  And we men are a big part (not the only part) of that...

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