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Mark Coleman

Originally from northern England, Mark Coleman has been engaged in meditation practice since 1982, primarily within the Insight meditation/Vipassana tradition, with influences of Advaita Vedanta and Dzogchen teachings. He's led Insight Meditation retreats since 1997, both at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California, where he's based, and throughout the United States, Europe, and India. Mark is passionate about his work facilitating meditation retreats in nature, which take place in the Sierras, the Southwest, Alaska, Mexico, and beyond. He also teaches contemplative retreats for environmental leaders. Mark has a mindfulness-based counseling practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he integrates his studies of psychotherapy and meditative work. He is currently developing a wilderness counseling program and a yearlong training in wilderness meditation work. He can be reached at

In this interview about his book FROM SUFFERING TO PEACE, author Mark Coleman helps to clarify what mindfulness truly means.

Listening and Tending to the Body: An excerpt from FROM SUFFERING TO PEACE by Mark Coleman

Like yoga before it, mindfulness is now flourishing in every sector of society. It is a buzzword in everything from medicine to the military. In the new book ...

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The Critic’s Revolving Door: What Goes Out Must Go In, an Excerpt from MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR MIND by Mark Coleman

Many of us are well acquainted with our “Inner Critic.” It is the voice that makes us second-guess our every step by saying “not enough,” “not good enough,” or sometimes “too much.” At times the Inner Critic can be so strong...

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