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Gary Kowalski

The Reverend Gary Kowalski is the author of bestselling books on animals, spirituality, and nature. His first book, The Souls of Animals, which explores other species’ capacities for love, creativity, and self-awareness, has been translated into Chinese, Czech, German, French, and Spanish and has sold over 80,000 copies worldwide. His second book, Goodbye, Friend, was featured by both One Spirit and the Quality Paperback Book Clubs and remains a valued resource for those grieving their animal companions.

A graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Divinity School, Reverend Kowalski is an ordained minister who has served churches in Tennessee, Washington State, Vermont, New Mexico, and Massachusetts. He is active in the Green Mountain Animal Defenders, an advocacy group working for better treatment of animals in entertainment, research, and agriculture. A committed vegan, he is past president of the Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry. His website is

A Talk with Gary Kowalski, author of Goodbye, Friend

Why did you write a book about pet loss?

As a clergyman, one of the hardest but most satisfying parts of my job is helping families face the end of life.  I dread getting the call when a death has occurred.  But somehow, through grace...

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The Reflecting Self: Would We Lose Our Souls In A World Without Animals?

One of the great privileges of being a minister comes when I’m asked to preside at the christening of a newborn baby.  The child may sleep through the ceremony, but that doesn’t lessen the wonderment.  While I have welcomed hundreds of infants into the world...

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