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Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is a speaker, life coach, spiritual counselor, podcast host, and the bestselling author of 20 Something Manifesto and 20 Something, 20 Everything. She is known for inspiring radical self-reflection while offering practical direction. Christine lives in Los Angeles and travels the world leading transformational retreats.

Overcoming Disappointment: An Interview with Christine Hassler

Got an Expectation Hangover?

One of the most challenging parts of an Expectation Hangover is feeling that we’ve failed, that we haven’t met the standards or goals...

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For Twenty Somethings, Life Is Like the Cheesecake Factory

Their resumes are crammed and coiffed and they’ve read a million books about finding their passion, but the twenty somethings who come to me for career coaching are still asking the ultimate question: “How do I figure out what I want to do with my...

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The Completion Myth: Romantic Relationships in Your Twenties

Romance. We are all suckers for it (yes, even you guys--you know what it leads to!) Images of romance surround us: the couple holding hands at Starbucks, the gazillions of bridal magazines you breeze past on the way to buy toilet paper, or the...

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Digging Through the Expectations: Discover Who You Are and What You Want

Does your life ever seem like a scorecard that doesn’t add up? College degree, check. Job that pays the bills, check. Contentment, no check. Personal satisfaction, another empty box. Ever feel slightly resentful if one of...

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The Real World Workplace: When Reality Bites

Congratulations!  You’ve graduated from college, successfully completed the resume shuffle and interview dance, and now are knee deep into your first job in the “real world.” Fancy laptop bag in hand, new work outfit...

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