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Frank MacEowen

Frank MacEowen, MA, is the author of three books on Celtic spirituality: The Mist Filled Path, The Spiral of Memory and Belonging, and The Celtic Way of Seeing: Meditations on the Irish Spirit Wheel. After years of facilitating group retreats and overseas travel journeys exploring Celtic spirituality and ecopsychology, Frank turned inward and spent a decade studying East Asian hermit poetry and solitary contemplative Nature spirituality with a wisewoman in New Mexico. He continues to explore and integrate these many themes, East and West, in his work as a poet, publishing poetry under the name Frank LaRue Owen / Hawk of the Pines.

The Spirit Behind the Wheel —Inspiration, Contemplation and The Celtic Way of Seeing

Human life has always been characterized by a kind of angst and spiritual forgetfulness. This angst and forgetfulness, all too often, has also led to conflict and destruction of various kinds throughout...

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