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Linda & Charlie Bloom

Linda Bloom, LCSW, and Charlie Bloom, MSW, are bestselling authors and the founders and codirectors of Bloomwork. They have lectured and taught seminars on relationships throughout the United States and the world. They have been married since 1972.

Linda and Charlie Bloom, authors of HAPPILY EVER AFTER, talk about COMMON RELATIONSHIP MYTHS

Breakdown to Breakthrough: The Eight Questions You Need to Ask When Facing a Relationship Challenge by Linda and Charlie Bloom

When did the honeymoon end in your relationship? Was it the first time you realized that your mate wasn’t all you had hoped for? Or maybe it was when you discovered that sometimes their cheerful optimism could turn to resentment or depression for no apparent reason....

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Meet Charlie & Linda Bloom, authors of Secrets of Great Marriages

Do you believe that full disclosure is necessary in order to have a great marriage?

It’s important to define what the term ‘full disclosure’ really means.  It does NOT mean telling someone everything about what you have done or currently...

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