Putting Your Spiritual Values into Financial Practice
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Money triggers powerful emotions and conflicting messages, especially for women. But for those who want to look at their finances in new and freeing ways, this "workshop in a book" — complete with worksheets, journaling exercises, and meditations — strips away misconceptions about money and shows women how they can create a secure future and shape a better world. It walks readers through a six-stage process encouraging them to explore feelings about money, identify core spiritual values, and make sound decisions reflecting those values.


“[S]peaks pragmatically to the intersection of women’s souls and their pocketbooks. . . . the interactive ‘workshop in a book’ format brings abstract financial and spiritual ideas down to earth.”
Publishers Weekly Religion Bookline

“I recommend this book for anyone who would like to gain awareness, and to accept and change their attitude about money matters.”
Alternative Health Guide

“[T]akes the thought-provoking stance that working with money is the spiritual journey.”
New Age Magazine

“Fairfielder Rosemary Williams is helping women look at their finances from a different perspective: examine their core beliefs and values first and then see how money ties in with them.”
Fairfield Citizen-News

“A unique, interactive workbook to help women get a handle on money.”
Connecticut Post