How Changing Your Choices Can Change Your Life
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  • ISBN: 978-1-57731-527-8
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Ten Energy Choices from Black Hole to Breakthrough

“When your intention is clear, the Field quickly starts pulling things together. Some people call this synchronicity. I call it playing the quantum field.”
— from the book

Do you often feel you are at the mercy of external forces in your life? If so, this book is for you. Playing the Quantum Field demonstrates that you have the power to shape your own life, showing how your very next choice can change struggle into play.

Brenda Anderson presents a fresh approach to everyday life based on the premise that everyone and everything in the universe are interconnected, and she shows you how to play the quantum field to create success and joy at home or on the job. She posits that the old rules no longer apply and presents a new set of rules, which include ten energetic choices you can make to take control of your life and move into what she calls the Power Zone. Once you grasp how easy it is to move among the choices along the energy spectrum, each day will become a dynamic, empowering exploration of the unlimited potential of the Field.


“This book is exactly what we need! Its deep, fresh perspective and whole new thought processes are explained simply and with great love. These words will open new channels for us all to experience more joy and creative living.”
— SARK, artist and author of SARK's New Creative Companion

“In business we are concerned with ROI (return on investment), but the real focus should be on maximizing ROE, return on energy. This book gives you instant access to more profitable options.”
— Roger Tondeur, CEO, MCI Group Holding

“If 'quantum field' sounds like physics and complexities, take heart: this is a practical program for a life that works. Open to any page and find a jewel of a thought to apply right this minute.”
— Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life