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A Girl with Asperger's and Her Marathon Mom

By the time her daughter Grace was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, Sophie Walker’s life had unraveled. Her career was in disarray. She couldn’t sleep. She felt hopeless and useless in her role as a mother. Sophie began to seek the things Grace needed — everything from advocacy for her educational rights and protection from bullying to help with homework and making friends. When Sophie realized she was neglecting her own health and well-being, she decided to train for the London Marathon to raise awareness of Asperger’s and to build the mental and physical resilience she needed to support her daughter. Through running, Sophie ultimately found the strength to battle for Grace’s education, happiness, and future, as well as the inner fortitude to overcome her own frustration and depression. In this book, she documents her and her daughter’s trials and triumphs, offering real-world inspiration for parents and athletes alike.


“London-based Walker, a Reuters reporter, marathon runner, and popular Asperger's and parenting blogger, offers an honest and inspiring portrait of parenting a child with the disorder....Parents of children with Asperger's or other spectrum disorders will find information, validation, and hope in Walker's detailed and moving portrait of a mother/'Aspie' daughter relationship.”
Publishers Weekly

“A riveting personal account of the beautiful and brutal realities of parenting a child with special needs....Walker’s writing is electrically charged with emotion and the will-to-win that she relied on to deal with it all....Parents of children who are different face a world of closed doors. Walker tells readers, not just how she opened those doors, but also how she motivated herself to keep going back into battle until she did.”
Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight

“Articulate and affecting.”
The Bookseller

“This is a book about Asperger’s syndrome and a book about running, but it’s so much more than that. At heart it’s a love story, testament to the power of a parent’s fierce devotion to her child. Any parent will see in it something of themselves.”
Gaby Hinsliff, journalist and author of Half a Wife

“Very powerful, very moving, and an important contribution to better understanding of a much-misunderstood condition.”
Alastair Campbell, author of The Happy Depressive and The Blair Years

Grace, Under Pressure is a beautiful book. It tugged on my heartstrings in the most orchestral fashion.”
Kathy Lette, author of The Boy Who Fell to Earth, Puberty Blues, and Dead Sexy

Author: Sophie Walker
Product Code: 82256
ISBN: 978-1-60868-225-6
Pages: 248
Package: 1 Paperback
Size: 5.50 X 8.50
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