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How Consciousness Creates the Universe

In this fascinating book, Richard Smoley examines the roles God has played for us and reconciles them with what we today know through science and reason. In the process, he shows that consciousness is the underlying reality beneath everything in the universe.

In one of Hinduism’s great myths, Shiva plays a dice game with his consort, Parvati, and loses consistently. If he is the greatest god, why does he lose? Through this story, Richard Smoley explores the interplay between consciousness, represented by Shiva, and experience, exemplified by Parvati. He draws on numerous disciplines to offer an illuminating exploration of mind and matter and a provocative understanding of consciousness, the self, and the world.


“This is an exciting, powerful book on the nature of mind and its relation to the universe. It is hard to put down.”
— Lawrence LeShan, PhD, author of How to Meditate

“In this provocative and persuasive book, Richard Smoley pushes the newest frontier in human knowledge. The path he walks is not into a new religion but beyond the boundaries of all religious systems and into a new and universal consciousness, where new visions of the meaning of life are found. I loved it.”
— John Shelby Spong, author of Jesus for the Non-Religious

“I have a standing rule: I read anything Richard Smoley writes — and The Dice Game of Shiva proves once again that I’m correct to do so. This book is a profoundly wise examination of the nature of consciousness and its place — our place — in the universe. Smoley’s writing is engaging, personal, and elegant.”
— Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Power of Premonitions and Healing Words

“I loved Richard Smoley’s The Dice Game of Shiva, which thoughtfully deals with conundrums from consciousness to causality.”
— Russell Targ, physicist and author of Limitless Mind

“[Smoley] will stretch your consciousness, your notions of good and evil, and life beyond life.”
— New Dimensions Radio

"While the subtitle could imply grandiose theorizing, Smoley (Forbidden Faith), the former editor of the journal Gnosis and a specialist in esoteric religious thought, has written a commendably modest book. In it, the sacred Vedas of Hinduism meet Western philosophers puzzling out causation, God, the nature of reality and other questions that have given philosophers and theologians of the East and West something to think about for the past few millennia. This history of thought predates contemporary neuroscience and its exciting discoveries about the relationship between brain and mind. It also reaches across the West-East spiritual divide (monotheistic, personal religion versus impersonal, nondual religious thought) to look at patterns, associations and categories that different cultures at different times have used to make sense of the world and the challenges offered by events of the world to human needs for justice and orderliness. This is a serious, almost old-fashioned history of ideas about transcendent and human thought rather than a cheesy come-on about how your thoughts can make you rich, beautiful and successful."
Publishers Weekly

Author: Richard Smoley
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Pages: 240
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