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Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy & Spiritual Self

Attractive woman, savvy career professional, devoted wife and mother, caring daughter — the list of roles women play is endless. And while women may have chosen and cherish these roles, that doesn’t mean they may not occasionally — or more than occasionally — chafe. What is there behind these roles? Lora Cheadle, who felt trapped in the successful lawyer persona she’d crafted, believes there is joy, laughter, and self-love based not on performing roles perfectly but on being oneself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. While she used the principles of burlesque to peel away the layers she’d built up around her core self, she also found that the laughter and parody inherent in burlesque could liberate women from their wounds, fears, and inhibitions even if they don’t set foot on an actual stage. While Flaunt! dives deep into how and why readers got where they are, it quite literally dances through these realizations and uses laughter, play, and storytelling to break free. Readers learn to cultivate the kind or rock solid self-worth that cannot be undone by criticism or failure. Cheadle calls herself a life choreographer because she has helped herself, and now helps others dance through their lives, sometimes with well-plotted steps and other times with improvisation but always, always with self-love, sass, and joy.


Author Lora Cheadle introduces her book FLAUNT: Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy & Spiritual Self


“Lora Cheadle yields up tips on how burlesque will empower women’s lives.”
— Leslie Zemeckis, actress, author, and award-winning documentarian

“Lora Cheadle takes the concept of burlesque, where the body is literally revealed and celebrated, and employs it to illustrate the benefits of revealing ourselves to ourselves. Get prepared to sparkle in every way!”
— Jo Weldon, headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque and author of The Burlesque Handbook and Fierce! The History of Leopard Print

“In order for each of us to fully express our gifts in the world, we must combine both the masculine and feminine parts in ourselves — the drive on the one hand, and what Lora Cheadle calls the ‘sparkle’ on the other. Whatever you desire to create in your life, Lora’s combination of practical insight and contagious enthusiasm will help you get there.”
— Kelly Notaras, author of The Book You Were Born to Write

Author: Lora Cheadle
Product Code: 86216
ISBN: 978-1-60868-621-6
Pages: 224
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