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Not everyone is a natural writer. In fact, most people don’t think that much about writing until they’re called upon to write something like an office memo or a wedding speech and find themselves paralyzed with self-doubt. Author and writing coach Alan Gelb specializes in helping anxious writers find their voice, drawing upon techniques that can improve anyone’s writing, sometimes in a matter of days. His compact and easy-to-use guide demystifies the writing process and shows readers how to sculpt concise sentences, shape well-structured paragraphs, polish a final draft, and combat procrastination. Best of all, readers will see for themselves that writing is not an inborn talent but a skill that can be mastered with a bit of patience and perseverance.

An interview with author and writing coach Alan Gelb about his book SEVEN STEPS TO CONFIDENT WRITING


“The blank page can strike terror in the heart of any would-be writer. Alan Gelb has the remedy: simple, practical steps that turn a daunting task into a process anyone can master.”
— June Casagrande, author of The Joy of Syntax and It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Worst of Sentences

“Appropriate for newbies while also useful for practiced writers, Gelb’s book begs to be read from cover to cover and then kept within reach for regular consultation.”
— Booklist

“Alan Gelb offers practical direction and inspiring models to guide even the reluctant writer forward. In his book Seven Steps to Confident Writing, Gelb shows readers how to engage in the writing process and how to embrace the elements of style that will lead to writing success whether you are writing an office memo or a movie script. ‘Writing requires enormous effort,’ writes Gelb, but as a master coach he guides readers toward the ‘enormous satisfaction in bringing a piece of writing to its best state.’ This is an important book that I look forward to sharing with my students and others who need practical writing guidance.”
— Sandra Marinella, author of The Story You Need to Tell

“A must-have in everyone’s personal library. . . . People from high school age to much older will find it beneficial for writing school papers through last words for their loved ones in a more clear and precise manner.”
Manhattan Book Review

“As a writer and teacher of writing, I find Seven Steps to Confident Writing by Alan Gelb to be exceptionally helpful. I have Gelb’s quotes on index cards propped around my work space. His advice is succinct and clear. Reading Alan Gelb’s book charges me with renewed energy, and I find myself heading for my latest draft to polish and refine the work.”
— Tina Welling, author of Writing Wild

“In Seven Steps to Confident Writing, Alan Gelb proves that confident writing is a skill that can be taught. He lays out practical steps and clear guidance that any writer can follow to edit and strengthen his or her writing. I look forward to using this resource with my own writing students.”
— Denise Jaden, author of Fast Fiction and Story Sparks

“Alan Gelb demystifies good writing in a tone that’s both warm and no-nonsense. What shines through is his own love of writing — the fundamentals, the precision of language, the structure of sentences (including my favorite sentence from Stuart Little), the search for your true voice, and the lapidary work of rewriting. He modestly asserts that if you’re looking to write a novel or memoir, this may not be the book for you, but I disagree. This is a book for anyone who wants to be a better writer — no matter what your experience.”
— Barbara Abercrombie, author of A Year of Writing Dangerously

“At the same time that writing skills are deteriorating, people in all walks of life — solo entrepreneurs, managers, engineers, and millions more — are obliged to communicate well. Writing is the skill needed today, and Alan Gelb’s Seven Steps to Confident Writing is an essential guide for anyone who must write in order to stay competitive.”
— Eric Maisel, author of A Writer’s Paris

“A ‘must-have’ not only for aspiring authors, but also for professionals in every field that requires writing! Highly recommended.”
— Wisconsin Bookwatch

Author: Alan Gelb
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