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Life, Faith, and What to Eat for Dinner

What do we turn to for both everyday sustenance and seasonal celebration? Food. Often, though, we’re like the hungry ghosts of Taoist lore, eating mindlessly, wandering aimlessly, and wanting more — more than food itself can provide. Ellen Kanner believes that if we put in a little thought and preparation, every meal can feed not only our bodies but our souls and our communities as well. Warm, wicked, and one-of-a-kind, Ellen offers an irreverent approach to bringing reverence into daily living — and eating. She presents global vegan recipes that call you to the table, stories that make you stand up and cheer, and gentle nudges that aim to serve up what we’re hungry for: a more vital self, more loving and meaningful connections, a nourished and nourishing world, and great food, too. Feeding the Hungry Ghost will challenge you to decide: keep reading or start cooking?

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“Ellen Kanner goes far beyond the physiological function of food in this charming book. Fun, well written, and full of information, it is an ode to veganism and a new way of connecting with the seasons.”
Jacques Pépin, author of Essential Pépin

“As an ardent carnivore, not to mention global grilling fanatic, I picked up this ode to vegan joy with skepticism. Imagine my surprise to be rewarded with a thoughtful meditation on cooking with conscience, mindful eating, community connection, and some really good, 100 percent animal-free food. In the best culinary memoir tradition, Ellen Kanner turns her kitchen into an observatory of the human condition. ‘Change what you eat, then change your life, then change the world,’ she writes in her introduction. With Feeding the Hungry Ghost, she already has.”
Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible

“A mindful, meatless, and irreverent recipe for a reverent life, Feeding the Hungry Ghost is a delicious read.”
Marisa Miller Wolfson, director of Vegucated

“Ellen Kanner warms the spirit with her witty meditations on food and its place in friendship, family, and culture, accompanied by delectable fare that’s more than the sum of its plant-strong ingredients. Feeding the Hungry Ghost encapsulates all that goes into a truly nourished life.”
Nava Atlas, author of Wild about Greens

Author: Ellen Kanner
Product Code: 81648
ISBN: 978-1-60868-164-8
Pages: 264
Package: 1 Paperback
Size: 5.50 X 8.50
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