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A Companion for Living and Dying

Graceful Passages blends music and the spoken word in a new way that creates a touching and luminous audio experience. Acclaimed worldwide, this beautiful book and two-CD set has helped thousands of people come to terms with loss and death as part of life. Widely used in home, hospice, and palliative-care settings, it opens a way to talk about life and death, forgiveness, and acceptance. Its wisdom guides patients, family members, and caregivers to open to the process of letting go and being in the now. Through life-affirming music and messages from celebrated spiritual thinkers from a variety of traditions, Graceful Passages guides you to examine what matters most, transforming fear and pain into a pathway for healing, compassion, and understanding.

The "Alchemical Wisdom" track from the globally acclaimed palliative resource GRACEFUL PASSAGES, produced by Gary Malkin & Michael Stillwater


“In the midst of a burgeoning movement to transform America’s long-held denial of dying as a natural part of life, this CD emerges as an intimate tool for compassion, awareness, and support — for those facing their transitions, for their families, and for their caregivers. If death is the doorway to our most profound destination, Graceful Passages is a timely, essential resource for those upon the journey.”
Steve Simon, producer of the major motion picture What Dreams May Come

“A perfect blend of words and music that opens hearts and soothes souls. We highly recommend it!”
Kenny and Julia Loggins

“A moving, heart-opening piece of work addressing psychological and spiritual issues that every human being needs to open to in their development.”
Gay Hendricks, PhD, author of Conscious Living

“How wonderfully welcome to my ears and soul! The music is truly beautiful and extraordinarily moving — it provokes a soft open heart.”
Joan Halifax, founder and director of the Upaya Institute

“Deeply moving. Touches the soul and makes contact with the universal. Should be in everyone’s CD library.”
Harville Hendrix, PhD, author of Getting the Love You Want

Graceful Passages, recognizing the movement from life to death as a period of rich and sacred transformation, accompanies that spiritual grounding with wisdom and compassion.”
Kathleen Dowling Singh, PhD, author of The Grace in Dying: How We Are Transformed Spiritually As We Die

“A stunning musical prayer for the ages that honors the rich and sacred transition of dying.”
Nadine Condon for

Author: Michael Stillwater Author: Gary Malkin
Product Code: 15618
ISBN: 978-1-57731-561-2
Pages: 80
Package: 1 Hardcover & CD
Size: 6.50 X 6.50
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