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10 Companies That Put Profit Second and Came in First

Stung by corporate scandals and media mayhem, many companies have begun integrating terms like "sustainable business," "conscious capitalism," and "ethical business" into their annual reports. Is it more corporate greenwashing or are businesses today really changing how and with whom they do business? Can corporate social responsibility become a new business standard?

When it comes to implementing the kind of business strategies that create vital social and economic returns, many corporate leaders find themselves at a loss. "This is because, unlike branding or accounting, there are far too few solid industry case studies that profile the success stories and how those companies got there," says author and award-winning marketing specialist Christine Arena.

Arena finds reasons to be optimistic while she examines new business paradigms for doing good and translating that good into profit. From Hewlett-Packard to British Petroleum to Stonyfield Farms and The Body Shop, Cause For Success profiles two case-study companies per chapter, exploring ideas such as philanthropy partnerships, ethics-driven businesses, how companies are serving the world's poor, bottom-line advantages of standing for social justice, as well as how some of the worst corporate citizens have become some of the best.


“This book will excite you about the powerfully positive role that corporate America is capable of playing.”
— Tony Schwartz, bestselling author of What Really Matters

“At a time when business confidence is depleted and cynicism about corporate conduct runs rampant, Christine Arena raises our sights and expectations. She reminds us that the companies that seek to make both a difference and a profit are the same ones that attract the most gifted, committed, and ambitious people. The cycle of virtue she describes is rooted in real case studies, not wishful thinking. Cause for Success is a cause for cerebration as well as celebration.”
— Richard D. Parsons, chairman and CEO of Time Warner

“I loved this book. It will help all leaders redefine success in broader, longer-term ways previously overlooked in traditional business analysis.”
— Jonathan S. Lavine, managing director of Bain Capital

“Cause for Success presents fascinating insights into a new paradigm for business success in the twenty-first century. It shows how a leading set of ‘high purpose’ companies moved beyond charitable giving and used constructive social engagement as the central means of improving their performance in the marketplace.”
— Bradley Abelow, global head of operations of Goldman Sachs

“By examining several well-known and widely regarded examples, the author effectively argues that it is in fact the commitment to do the right thing that has differentiated these companies and driven their success.”
— Amy Domini, president of the Domini Social Equity Fund

“An important call to arms for all business executives to recognize the vital responsibility they have in this world.”
— Philip Rowley, president of AOL Europe

Author: Christine Arena
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