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For those that like the perfect blend of truth and fiction, New World Library has the best books for mythology lovers. Most people are familiar with Greek mythology due to its enduring presence and repeated references in popular culture all around us. But there are countless more gods and goddesses embedded in the ancient histories of several of our great societies. There are volumes that concentrate on specific civilizations and regions, as well as more general volumes that encompass complete records from every corner of the globe.

So whether you've found the fascinating world of mythology for yourself or would like to share it with a dear friend, you'll find the best books for mythology and the studies of the world's oldest, most fantastic belief systems only at New World Library. All you have to do is decide whether to bolster your current knowledge on a specific area or widen your understanding by just taking them all in. Decide for yourself by browsing the entire selection now!

New World Library wouldn't feel right about calling themselves a new age company if it did not provide a wide range of new age spirituality books to help readers continue to grow in their preferred faith or belief. Not only does this allow more information for people to strengthen their position on faith, but it also offers them the opportunity to explore the beliefs, traditions, and customs of other spiritual endeavors.

The true appeal of the new age spirituality books is the way they appeal to so many of us that have found less common paths to our own spiritual well being. For many, stumbling upon the right book that expresses the way they are feeling is much like the way you feel after coming home after a long time. There is a comfort and calm that can be experienced in so few other ways. So take a look and see what we have to provide you with both strength and comfort now!

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