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Thursday, March 07, 2019
“Recognizing Signs from the Other Side”: An excerpt from SIGNS FROM THE OTHER SIDE by Bill Philipps

Who hasn’t wished they could ask a departed loved one for advice, heal an unresolved rift, or even just ask where their grandmother’s strand of pearls is hidden? The best psychic mediums know what solace such messages can provide. They also know that communication with those on the other side can be cultivated by anyone with a sincere and open heart.

In Signs from the Other Side: Opening to the Spirit World, beloved psychic medium Bill Philipps illuminates all of this for readers by demystifying what he does and providing step-by-step guidance that allows readers to receive afterlife communications themselves. We hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from the book.

# # #

How beautiful it would be to be able to say to your deceased mother, “Mom, I really need to know you’re with me right now; will you please appear before me so that I can see you?” — and then watch as she appears.

Unfortunately, that’s not how spirits operate. Any signs you receive from the other side likely will not be presented in the most obvious ways. But they won’t necessarily be as subtle as you may think. It depends primarily on your mind-set and whether you are looking for them. If you surrender your expectations of how the signs may be presented and are vigilant about paying attention to your surroundings, you will recognize them. When you are on the lookout, your psychic senses will kick in, because that is where your energy is being directed.

Spirits will also try to send signs that you will relate to and avoid sending ones that you won’t. The reason, of course, is because they want you to recognize them. For example, if you are a construction worker or a sports fanatic, they may send signs that relate to either of those things. If you are not into sports and aren’t familiar with, say, basketball star LeBron James, your deceased mom will likely not send you something that has to do with LeBron. I am not into sports much at all, so when I give readings, it is rare for me to receive a detailed sports symbol as validation. Those on the other side know I’d get frustrated if I did. That doesn’t mean they won’t show me a particular sports object or something generically sports related; it’s all relative to you and your knowledge base. In a reading I recently gave, the client’s friend who came through had been a professional basketball player, and he kept showing me a basketball to validate that. But if he had shown me the logo of his former team, I’d have been lost.

There really are no limits with respect to how signs will be presented to you, but here are some examples of the most common ways:

Dreams: When we sleep, our souls are working on the other side — taking a “time-out,” of sorts, from this world — to help us focus on soul lessons that will need our attention when we awaken. Our dreams are rarely literal — a dream of a plane crash doesn’t mean we will be in a plane crash or witness one. But we may need to decipher the meaning behind it, just like any other sign from the spirit world. There are many wonderful guides and books out there to help us translate the “language” of dreams so that we can unlock their messages. If you have an actual visitation from a loved one in a dream, you will know it. It will leave you feeling uplifted, loved, and supported. Sometimes they have no words at all and just smile at you, while other times they may tell you they are okay and not to worry. I’ve heard reports of full dialogues from clients, but typically these visitations are short and sweet.

Coins: It is very common for our loved ones on the other side to use coins to let us know that they are around us. I find that pennies seem to be the coin of choice most often, but any coin is possible. Also, the year can be significant. If it is the year when your loved one was born or died, or if it has a correlation to something you are worried about in your life (maybe you are worried about your son, and the coin you find is from the year of his birth), that is likely a sign from the other side that you aren’t alone.

The doppelgänger spirit: This fascinating occurrence is when a spirit superimposes itself over a living person to give us the feeling of recognizing them. Spirits usually do this when we’re in line or in a social situation. If you have never experienced this phenomenon, you may be surprised to learn how often others have. A person who is asking for a sign from her father might be walking down a busy street and pass by a person who looks just like her dad. When she turns around to get a better look, either that person is gone or, upon closer inspection, his appearance isn’t what she has just seen. In my experience, spirits will often take the appearance of a similar form, overlaying themselves on that person to catch your attention. It’s eerie, I know, but it’s also quite comforting when you’ve been asking for a sign that a loved one is still around you.

Electricity: Electricity is a very popular way in which spirits send us signs, because of the energy connection and, I believe, because it is difficult for anyone to deny. When we cross over, we are in pure energy form, and we have the ability to blend with the electrical currents and manipulate the flow. This is why we see lights dim or switch off, see televisions turn on or off for no apparent reason, and hear phones ring with no physical caller on the other end. Yes, a lightbulb could just be old or there could be faulty wiring, but if the light goes out when you are seeking a sign, there is a pretty good chance it is a sign. My partner and I were watching television one night when the lights in the room — fairly new lights, in fact — continually flickered on and off. He was getting frustrated and exclaimed, “What the heck is going on?” I laughed and said, “You know exactly what’s going on!” Once the lights stayed on for a while, we went about our business, only for them to go out again. “Oh, come on!” my partner cried. “What do you want?” This kind of thing is normal in the house of a psychic medium, and it’s amusing how routine it has become for us.

Music/sounds: Music is the rhythm of the cosmos. It has the power to move us on deep and meaningful levels. Because of the ability of music to resonate with our emotional states, spirits often love to communicate this way. A song may come on the radio at just the right moment to lift us up and remind us how the bond of love we shared with that person cannot be broken by their death. It could be a tune a loved one used to always sing to us or a track played at their funeral service. Whatever the meaning may be to us personally, it is their way of connecting with us from the other side to say, “Hey, I’m still here; don’t worry about me.” (In the next section you will read stories about music coming through to people as signs — I think you will find them quite fascinating.) Buzzing is another sign. Our human sense picks up on the very high level of vibration of the spirit world and interprets it as buzzing. Have you ever heard an intense buzzing sound in either ear for no apparent reason? When this happens, take note of what is going on around you. Trust that if you experience this sensation and start immediately thinking, for example, of a distant family member, and then you suddenly receive an email or text from them, this could have been a deceased loved one trying to connect the two of you. Spirits often intervene to try to bring people back together when it’s for their higher good.

Dates: I find that my readings (which are scheduled by my assistant and orchestrated by spirits) are often randomly set for a date with significance to the client, such as a birthday or anniversary that pertains to a deceased loved one. I feel like my assistant is being guided to pick the perfect date on a subconscious level. It is also very common for someone looking for a sign to see, say, the digits 1114 in a phone number — and it later dawns on them that their loved one’s birthday was on November 14. Skeptics who call that coincidence don’t seem to think about the fact that there are 365 different days in a year among which to choose to schedule a reading. For that date to be the one that comes up in some way as you are hoping for a sign is pretty improbable, unless there is an outside force behind it, of course.

Numbers/time: Spirits love to communicate with us through numbers. My mom uses 143. That is a code for “I love you,” which we started to use with each other a few months before her death when we both had pagers. I also had a website once when I was fifteen years old that was dedicated to the singer Jewel (I know, crazy fan). In the guest book, a message was signed 143. That message, I would learn, was from my mom. She was the one who left it and signed it 143 just before she passed. Now I see that number everywhere. It’s such a random number to anyone else, but not me. Time is also a way signs are passed along. Many people, including me, believe that when they randomly see that the time is 11:11, it is a sign that angels are watching. When you realize that “11:11” is displayed on a clock for only two minutes each day, and you find yourself frequently seeing it, that can be very comforting and powerful.

Animals/bugs: Birds and other animals can be signs. In my first book, I talked about a woman who was annoyed by a bird that continually tapped on her windows. No matter what room the woman was in, the bird was out there. About that same time, she had scheduled a reading with me. Not knowing what she had been dealing with, I told her that her mother was coming through to me and that she was trying to tell me something about encounters with a bird. After my client acknowledged to me that she had been incessantly bothered by a bird tapping on her windows, her mother flashed an image of herself throwing her head back and laughing. It completely changed the daughter’s perspective. Instead of hiring an exterminator to get rid of the bird, which she had been considering, she embraced its presence from that point forward. I also find that ladybugs are often a significant sign to people. Ladybugs are symbolic of enjoying life and living it to the fullest. Their gentle presence and beauty make them ideal signs to send a message from spirits that they want you to be happy in life doing what you love.

# # #

Psychic medium Bill Philipps is the author of Signs from the Other Side and Expect the Unexpected. His life’s mission is to help people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information, and beautiful messages from Spirit, which heal and bring a sense of peace. Visit him online at

Excerpted from the book Signs from the Other Side. Copyright © 2019 by Bill Philipps.






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