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Daphne Rose Kingma

An inspirational author, relationship coach, and spiritual guide, Daphne Rose Kingma is the author of eleven books on love and relationships, including the bestsellers Coming Apart, The Men We Never Knew, True Love, The Future of Love, and Loving Yourself. Her books have sold more than one million copies and have been translated into fifteen languages.

Dubbed the “love doctor” by the San Francisco Chronicle, Daphne specializes in working with individuals and couples to enhance the quality of their relationships and bring more love into their lives. She is the creator of the Relationship Intensive, a highly specialized weekend relationship workshop tailored to meet the needs of individual couples. It uses psychological and spiritual principles to resolve core relationship issues and help couples break through to new levels of communication, joy, and intimacy.

A six-time guest on Oprah, Daphne has appeared on numerous other television shows and networks, including Charlie Rose and CNN, as well as hundreds of radio programs. Her work has appeared in a host of newspapers and magazines, including the Los Angeles Times, Mademoiselle, Self, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and the Dallas Morning News. A highly sought-after speaker, Daphne presents keynotes to audiences throughout the United States and in Europe and regularly conducts workshops for the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and the Recreer Foundation in Paris, France. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.

To learn more or to inquire about keynotes or personal consultation, visit her online at

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