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Sanaya Roman

Sanaya Roman has been channeling Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher, for over 25 years. Although she no longer gives private appointments, most of the advice Orin gives to people is contained in six books: Living with Joy, Personal Power through Awareness, Spiritual Growth, Opening to Channel, Creating Money, and Soul Love. All of Orin’s work assists people in unfolding their potential, finding their inner wisdom, and in growing spiritually. She has also produced an extensive line of audio guided meditations by Orin to assist you in transforming your life, contacting your soul and Spirit, learning to channel, and creating the reality you want.

Sanaya is currently working with Orin on the seven qualities of Divine Will books. You can read about the seven qualities of Divine Will and start studying this free course on her website by visiting She is also teaching seminars and producing new audio meditations and a line of meditation music. She resides in Oregon.

Feeling Inner Peace: An Excerpt from Living with Joy

What is inner peace? All of you have a picture in your mind of what you think inner peace is. You have achieved this state many times, sometimes for moments, even for hours, and so you know what inner peace feels like. Part of growth is learning to create that...

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