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Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan began giving seminars on marketing to corporations in 1992, after a career in corporate video and broadcast television that led to a personal meltdown. He started life again, reading self-help books and listening to tapes to help him change his life. His seminar business soon developed into “how to change your life” and from that evolved the stories in this book. He is coauthor of Manage I.T. (Lahaska Publishing 2002) and he now speaks regularly to associations, sales organizations and network marketing groups. He and his wife live in Buckingham, Pennsylvania.

Jim Donovan talks about his book HAPPY AT WORK

Ask What is Working for Greater Results

You’ve probably been to business meetings when the person leading the meeting said something like, “Chantal, sales in the Southwest are off 23% from last quarter. Frank, production orders in the Northeast are off 9%. What’s wrong guys?”

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