Inspiring True Stories Celebrating the Healing Bond
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We know that animals help the disabled, war veterans, the aged. Groundbreaking surgeon, cancer specialist, and author Bernie Siegel has seen this in his own life and in those of his patients. The true stories Siegel has compiled here include delightful tales from the “Siegel Family Zoo” where “squawks, purrs, chirrups, squeaks, barks, and the like filled the house.” In sections including “Paw Professors,” “Sometimes They Just Know,” and “Grief and Forgiveness,” other contributors reveal animals as teachers and messengers, doctors and nurses, miracle workers, and guileless clowns. Siegel offers meditations after each section — ways for the reader to really let the import of each story into their own lives. Anyone with an animal, an appreciation for the inspirational, or simply the need for a smile will treasure this celebration of animals as a source of love — and maybe even miracles.


Praise for A Book of Miracles:

“[I]t’s hard not to like a book with the words miracle and Dr. Bernie S. Siegel on the cover. . . . Those in pain or doubt will find this book a help, and those who aren’t may need it even more.”
— Ilene Cooper, Booklist

“As these stories show, love and magic can find us in any situation, no matter how difficult. This warm, uplifting book opens the door to seeing the miracles that are happening all around us, every day.”
— Gerald Jampolsky, MD, author of Love Is Letting Go of Fear

“These inspiring true stories reveal the power of spirit in shaping human lives. A Book of Miracles is a must for anyone who considers their situation in life to be hopeless or who is struggling against great odds.”
— Larry Dossey, MD, author of Reinventing Medicine and The Power of Premonitions

“A call to take an evolutionary leap not through some kind of automatic unfoldment but by using conscious choice. Love, intelligence, and creativity are seeds waiting to be touched and awakened. The more you touch them, the more they flourish.”
— Deepak Chopra, from the foreword